Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Rainbow


The Rainbow

A Special Poem

for Ryan, Tiffanie & Hollie

by Cindy Hester

It's finally the day,
You make her your bride
So lovely she looks,
As she stands by your side.

A miracle of God,
You two become one.
Here on this earth,
To be divided by none.

So happy and free,
Little Hollie, so sweet,
Smiles as the family
All gathers and meets.

I wanted to be there,
To share in your love,
But God in His wisdom
Took me Home up above.

I'm sure you were sad
When it rained on your day
But it was no mistake,
God made it that way.

I had a present
I wanted to send,
So you'd know how I love you
And help some hearts to mend.

A rainbow from heaven
Was my special gift.
Made by our Father
For your hearts to lift.

See a rainbow's a promise,
From God up above
To show us His mercy,
His grace, and His love.

A miraculous sign,
A covenant of grace.
I wanted you to know
Heaven's joy in that place.
The place that you chose
to make Tiffanie your wife.
To love, cherish and honor,
For the rest of your life.
So don't be discouraged
When you have days of pain.
Just remember the rainbow
Comes after the rain.

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