Tuesday, August 7, 2012

If you Want to Know Someone's Heart...

"If you want to know someone's heart, observe that person's final journey." Max Lucado Wow! What an astounding statement. This hit home with me, especially after having crossed over that 50 year mark. I guess none of us really knows when our final journey begins. I was reminded that a dear friend would have been 49 years old today had cancer not taken him a couple of years ago. I think of friends I lost in high school due to automobile accidents, seemingly much too young to consider them being on the path of their final journey.

The truth is, we are not promised tomorrow...but thank heaven for today. The choices we make today make up the story of our final journey, no matter when the journey is destined to end. When I think of things in this way, it puts a whole new perspective on what I allow my mind to dwell on. It changes which battles I choose to fight and which ones I allow to slip on by.

It does, however, bring to mind all of the different personalities I have come into contact with over a lifetime. Some were worrywarts. Worrywarts always have the what-if scenarios down pat (I know because I happen to be one!) Then there are people-pleasers (again, I must confess to this trait). People pleasers have the "What will people think/say?", "Did what I say sound stupid?", "Did I hurt their feelings?", "Should I go back and apologize?", "What will they think if I do/wear this?"...and on, and on, and on...(and these were just a few of my thoughts over the past 5 minutes!) Then there are the "I don't really give a care what you think of me...this is who I am...I am not going to change, so if you don't like it, get over it." Now I refuse to mention any names associated with this trait for fear of retribution, but there are a few of these folks around.

There are also the good traits. There are encouragers, supporters, those who lovingly admonish others when we stray. I love a good admonsiher because he or she can help one to see where change is needed without leaving one feeling defeated or diminished as a person. I know several of these types...people who simply make you want to be a better person whenever something is brought to light. You realize the need to change because you were created for so much more.I am thankful for the admonishers in my life. If not for them, I don't want to think where I would be. Help me, Lord to develop the fruits of the spirit like so many in my life have displayed so that people can look back on my final journey and be inspired.
"22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23


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