Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Difference

by Cindy Hester

This is a poem written not long ago, and I felt it to be an appropriate writing to submit since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I pray that my heart-felt words help others in recognizing the signs of unhealthy and/or abusive relationships before they become so enmeshed that it is hard to break free. God bless, and thank you for your interest in my writing.

I felt the autumn breeze upon my face
And watched my parent’s sweet embrace
Their love had stood the test of time
Love at its finest hour, sublime

They honored one another's heart
They stood together, not apart
Yet free their souls to grow and learn
As independent cogs do turn

Within a jeweler's watch of gold
Much too priceless to be sold
Or cast before a careless one
To be destroyed and left for done

Instead they knelt before the King
And placed before Him everything
Their lives, their home, their children too
They gave to Him and they'd stayed true

To pledges made so long ago
And this is how I came to know
What Christ designed for man and wife
Did not include abuse and strife

I knew that day things had to change
My life I'd need to rearrange
In order to fulfill the plan
Untouched by any human man

We'd lost our way, I'm sad to say
But there would dawn a brand new day
With strength renewed I'd fly up high
With eagles way up in the sky

My wounded heart would slowly heal
When placed upon the Potter's wheel
Reshaped the broken pieces now
Before Him, how I gladly bow

I dance with joy before the throne
Ne’er again to feel alone
With Him first place I learned to love
And never place someone above

His rightful place as Savior, King
And now I gladly wear this ring
A symbol of respect and joy
He will not use me as a ploy

In selfish plots to meet a need
Left there by someone's selfish deed
Standing bowed and cowered down
With my pain masked, about to drown. 


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