Thursday, September 29, 2016

Poem for our Little Sawyer

I finally finished my poem for my newest little grandson, Sawyer Cooper. I'm no great poet. This has just developed into a traditional gift to each of my grandchildren. It's the one way I can give them a glimpse into my heart from when I learned of their existence to the day I first held them in my arms. Thank you for letting me share.

A Poem for our Little Sawyer
by Cindy Hester (aka Maw Maw)

God’s timing is always so perfect
His blessings are always on time,
I’d pleaded with utmost respect
A gift for your parents, sublime.
I asked Him to give them a baby
To seal their strong love secure,
To show them much joy, and just maybe
A glimpse of God’s love true and pure.
I dreamed of your sweet little presence
I longed to see your cute face
The longer I dreamed of your essence
The more I prayed for His grace.
Sweet Sawyer from heaven above us
The moment I looked in your eyes
I knew God sent you to love us
So perfect are you, such a prize.
God made you a treasure, unique
To carry His love in your heart
In a world sometimes scary and bleak
His presence will never depart.
Please know that I always will love you
No matter what life brings your way
Remember God’s always above you
Before you, behind you, each day.

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