Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Poem for PaPa

Drue’s Poem for Papa
by Cindy Hester

(Dedicated to Drue, Tyce, Kaleigh; Skyler in loving memory of Ted Johnson, “Papa”)

I said goodbye to my Papa today,
I felt so sad as I went on my way.
Angels came to carry his soul up above
to meet his sweet Savior, whom he dearly loved.

I thought of the times we’d shared in the past,
the six years I’d known him, to me went so fast.
I walked through the house where so often we’d played,
and where numerous times overnight I had stayed.

Tears filled my eyes when I happened to see
the remote control truck he had bought just for me.
We shared the controls, and we laughed so hard,
that Papa of mine, he could be such a card.

We watched Ninja Turtles until he fell asleep,
All curled up beside him I wouldn't make a peep.
I knew he was weak and he needed his rest,
to help him get better, I’d act my very best.

I saw all of his books, his Bible and such,
I told my sweet Nana, I wanted so much,
A little something of Papa’s to take to my bed,
so she gave me a Bible that he’d often read.

Tyce, Kaleigh, Skyler and me,.
felt lost without Papa and didn’t want it to be.
We put on his clothes and with all of our might,
imagined him with us, his arms holding us tight.

I drew you a picture to lay by your side,
to remind you my love, was so deep and so wide.
I recorded a video for you on Mom’s phone,
I just know you could hear it each time it was shown.

My Momma, she cried at the funeral today,
She was so sad; I wished it would all go away.
I wanted her to smile with all of my might.
So I patted her shoulder, eased her sadness and fright.

I know I’ll see Papa in heaven above,
and until then I know he sends down his love.
My guardian angel I know Papa will be,
Watching over Tyce, Kaleigh, Skyler and me.

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