Friday, October 30, 2009

Hairdressers and Halos

Hairdressers and Halos

Fulfilling His Purpose

It is amazing how little events bring people in and out of our lives. What is even more amazing is how we often take for granted those who enter our world on a regular, seemingly casual basis. I truly believe that God creates each of us to fulfill a distinct purpose in life, and I believe my hairdresser fulfils hers perfectly.

It was by "chance" that I found Tiffany. I usually do not go to a new person cold turkey (except when dictated by finances or time…and the results are almost always disastrous!) This time, however, my father-in-law had won a gift certificate in a raffle for a free haircut and style. Being that he had a regular barber, and due to the fact that he didn't particularly care for the idea of going to a "hair stylist" and sitting with a bunch of "gossiping women", he shared the gift certificate with me.

My husband finally talked me into using it. I think he even called to make the appointment for me! I loved her from the moment I walked into the shop. She did an excellent job on my hair, but just as important, I so enjoyed visiting with her. She and her best friend and fellow hair stylist, Melissa, worked side by side, and they were a hoot! You definitely got your money's worth of entertainment value watching and listening to the two of them.

I knew she was destined to have her own shop, and I was so excited for her whenever she made her move. Sadly, I have to admit that I strayed for a short period of time (it is such an awful thing to cheat on your hairdresser!). It had nothing to do with discontent with her expertise. It had more to do with finances and time. Once again, neither proved to be worth the sacrifice. You'd think I'd eventually learn!

Anyway, to get to the point...Tiffany is much more than a terrifically talented hairdresser to me. She is my friend. She has provided a listening ear, an open mind and a caring heart on many occasions when I know she had many concerns of her own. She possesses strength, wisdom and maturity well beyond her twenty-eight years. I thank her for the many times her wit and understanding helped me in more ways than she will ever know.

I truly believe God created in her the artistic ability to make women look and feel more beautiful on the outside. Even more incredible, He provided and she accepted His gift of a renewed life. Through this gift she shares His touch with each and every person He brings into her life. This can't help but make us feel a little more special and leave us feeling beautiful from the inside out.

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