Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Poem to my Grandchild, My Sweet Little Tripp

by Cindy Hester
There’s a new little boy in my life named Tripp
Just holding him close releases my grip
On all of those countless, pent-up fears
Freeing those cleansing, heartfelt tears.
So happy and free are his sweet little smiles
No worries, no cares, no unresolved trials
The face of this baby, this dear, little one
So special to me, my second grandson.
With only one gaze in his gentle blue eyes
You’ve glimpsed into heaven, up past the skies
A place filled with infinite hope, peace, and love
A place here on earth we can only dream of.
You can count on my love to always be near
I’ll guide you, uphold you, your ways try to steer
Toward the divine, unique plan for your life
If God’s plan you follow, He’ll shield you from strife.
I’m so glad you’re here, my prized little boy
The latest sweet bloom in my bouquet of joy
I pray that you’ll flourish, and grow strong and free
You’ll always be priceless, invaluable to me.

A Poem for Bear By Maw Maw Cindy My dear little Bear who sleeps soundly and tight So peaceful and trusting, your cares free...